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Bring an air of playfulness and fun back to the dining experience. Playground is a collection of contemporary stoneware in a range of innovative shapes combining striking glaze finishes with texture and colour to appeal to the latest gastronomic trends in food presentation.

Contemporary Stoneware

Playground is a collection of rustic stoneware products of the highest quality offering elegant tableware concepts that meet the requirements of todays customers. The collection takes on board the mix and match principle so popular in the modern dining experience and has designed products to mix with our porcelain brands to create striking combinations. Tapping in to the multi sensory experience through the use of bold shapes combined with multiple textures, striking glazes and depths of colour to create a mood and an emotional response to dining.


Our collection ReNew is an innovative product made from 90% recycled ceramic material to deliver the latest in eco-responsible ranges. 

Nara Collection

Nara is a comprehensive stoneware collection, designed for ambitious restaurants.
Thanks to the craftsmanship in production, there is a captivating contrast between the smooth sided surfaces and bold textures on the outside. The patina like crackle glaze and matt finish allows for endless possible combinations for appealing food presentations. 

The full collection of Playground combines multiple material combinations such as glass, wood, stainless steel, stone and marble. Creating new, harmonic constellations at the table. As a solo piece or an exciting addition to porcelain.




An invitation to mix and match. A broad palette of inspirations to set the stage for your cuisine in uniquely different and exciting ways. The sheer joy of experimenting. PLAYGROUND brings together the latest international trends in food presentation in a portfolio of interesting and bold pieces.


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