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Ice Ice Baby Winners



The Winning Cocktail of this years Artis Ice Ice Baby Competition created by Matt Looker

Matt Looker – I’ve created a lightsaber-blue drink and recreated the climactic Death Star ‘trench run’ scene in the foam, using specially moulded ice and bitters dashes to act as the rebel X-Wing fighter pilots circling the construction. Why yes, I am a nerd – why do you ask?


This is a ‘Cover Me, Porkins’ and the recipe is:
60ml Dry Gin
25ml Lemon Juice
15ml Blueberry Syrup
7.5ml Blue Curacao


Shake all ingredients, first without ice and then again with ice. Strain into a coupe and place a Death Star ice ball in the middle. Then circle bitters dashes around the ice.

1st Prize - Matt Looker

“I am delighted to win Artis UK’s Ice Ice Baby competition. I’ve been a big fan of their glassware for a long time now, and it was an absolute pleasure, to not only take part in this fun competition and get creative with ice, but also to showcase some of these fantastic new glasses. I can’t wait to use my new 20-piece barware kit.”
Matt was also 2nd prize winner in our 2021 New World Competition (Modern America glassware) with his Creation ‘Mary Pickleforth’

‘Jökull ‘
created by Jermome Leonard

2nd place 

Jökull  is the name of my cocktail and means glacier ice in Icelandic. I took inspiration from the massive boulders of ice that fall from the glacier and feed the land below gifting life and prosperity.


60ml Gin
15ml Yellow chartreuse
25ml Home made stinging nettle liquor
15ml Grand Marnier
25ml Noilly prat
15ml Clarified lemon juice


Served with and a hand carved block of ice.
Verbena resting on top.

2nd Prize - Jermome Leonard

Jermome was first prize winner in 2021 our New World Competition (Modern America glassware) with his Creation ’75 cherry Blossom’


Cocktail created by The Drinking Twins

3rd place

Inspiration for this cocktail was to create a twist on the Bittenbender cocktail from Death and Co. The original drink is topped with champagne which we’ve substituted for a kombucha to keep the dry finish with added fruit notes. The diamond cube is a note to both the clarity of the ice and the craft of cocktail making.


4 Raspberries
Lemon peel
Orange peel
50ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon
20ml Cacao Nib Infused Campari
20ml Lemon Juice
20ml Ginger Syrup


Muddle the first three ingredients, then strain over hand carved ice diamond and top with 25ml Raspberry and Blue Cornflower Sunavubooch Kombucha

3rd Prize - The Drinking Twins

“We’re delighted to be chosen as a winner in the Artis UK competition. The challenge was one that really spoke to us and our belief is that a good cocktail is only as good as the ice you use for it! Really excited to create more with the goodies we won, thanks Artis!”
The Drinking Twins were also 3rd prize winners in our 2021 New World Competition (Modern America glassware) with their Creation ‘Lomanskey Thanks Giving’

A great cheers to all the wonderful Runners Up


For the Winners of the Ice Ice Baby Cocktail

First prize The winner will receive a 20-piece Professional barware kit 

Second prize
a stylish chrome ice crusher, stainless steel ice scoop, a set of sphere moulds, a grey powder coated cocktail shaker, with matching wine cooler and six new Speakeasy Fizz coupe glasses 

Third prize
a stylish chrome ice crusher, stainless steel ice scoop, a set of sphere moulds and six new Speakeasy Fizz coupe glass

Cheers, Well Done!


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