Glassforever - Artis

The perfect alternative to glassware, high quality plastic drinkware with a crystal-clear finish for all types of venues and events, both indoor and outdoor.

Virtually unbreakable solutions of an exceptionally high quality with all the style and feel of glass. A complete collection of handpicked designs to suit a wide range of venue requirements.

Long Lasting Plastic Solutions

The strong, shatterproof material is safer to use and will require far fewer replacements, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

A Danish company with a committed history of delivering the best solutions in plastic drinkware, supported by a 5 year guarantee against all cracks and breakages.

Features and Benefits

• High Quality – Crystal clear, durable and with a solid base

• Virtually Unbreakable – Safer alternative and less accidents occurring

• Fewer Replacements – Considerable cost saving

• Easy Cleaning – 100% reusable, dishwasher safe to over 2,000 cycles

• Fridge / Freezer Safe – Products can be chilled before serving

• High Insulation Properties – Keeps drinks at the optimum temperature

• Stackable – Easy to stack and space saving (Collins Stacker only)

• Lighter Weight – Easier to carry larger filled trays

• Eco-Friendly – 100% recyclable

• 5 Year Warranty – On cracks and breakages

Please Note:

The drinkware is suitable for all types of cold and hot drinks apart from aniseed-based drinks such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo.

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