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The original ceramic mechanism

CrushGrind® is made by IDEAS Denmark A/S which was founded by Ken Muff Lassen in 1991.

For past 24 years they have revolutionized the grinding business.   When they started, all grinder mechanisms were made in either steel or plastic. Today, ceramic grinders are considered the standard. They have sold more than 50 million ceramic grinders and their technologies are used worldwide by the leading brands of the industry.

They continue to be on a mission to upgrade the world of grinding.

CrushGrind® comes in many shapes, sizes and purposes ranging from salt & pepper to spices.

Why CrushGrind®

  • The idea behind CrushGrind® is exactly the same as the old traditional mortars.   You can grind salt, pepper, dried spices and herbs. Whole spices retain their taste and flavour intact as aromatic oils.
  • The CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism allows you to effortlessly grind not only salt and pepper but also, using the same grinder, whole dried herbs and spices. Each mill comes with a 25 year (10yr for New York) guarantee on the ceramic parts inside the mechanism.
  • The CrushGrind® EasyFill feature, simply pull the stopper upwards and then you have a funnel shaped entrance for filling the spice.
  • The CrushGrind® High output adjustable grinder.  Smooth and easy turn, grinding wheel, once adjusted the grinder will keep the setting – no need for tightening.
  • Easy cleaning Clean your grinder frequently simply by grinding some coarse salt. For a more thorough clean use a brush or take out the ceramic parts and let them soak in hot water. Let the ceramic parts dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Professional kitchen tool CrushGrind® is a tool for the professional kitchen and is recommended by chef’s worldwide.   The ceramic used inside CrushGrind® – is a clean, inactive, and natural material which is ideal for processing all kinds of food-stuffs. It is impervious to food acids and it does not corrode.   It does not transfer metal taste to the spice, like a grinder in metal would do.

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