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Tea & Coffee Service

Tea and coffee service so many options available from traditional ranges of cup and saucers, Tea and Coffee pots, glass mugs, stacking cups and mugs ideal for buffet service, tempered glass, a range of cast iron teapots to the stylish latte mugs from Barista. 

If you love coffee click on these three receipes for that coffee kick


Delight - Tafelstern

Purity - Bauscher

Contour - Tafelstern

Inspiration - Tafelstern

Coffeelings - Tafelstern

Relation Today - Tafelstern

Ombre - Tafelstern

Enjoy - Bauscher

Options - Bauscher

Modern Rustic - Bauscher


Coffee Pots

Sugar Bowls

Creamers and Milk Jugs

Cups and Saucers

Porcelain Mugs

Tempered glass


Coffee Glasses

Glass Mugs

Liqueur Coffee Glasses

Squashy Mugs