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Tea & Coffee Service

Tea and coffee service so many options available from traditional ranges of cup and saucers, Tea and Coffee pots, glass mugs, ideal for buffet service, tempered glass, a range of cast iron teapots to the stylish latte mugs from Barista. 

If you love coffee click on these three receipes for that coffee kick


Delight - Tafelstern

Purity - Bauscher

Contour - Tafelstern

Inspiration - Tafelstern

Coffeelings - Tafelstern

Relation Today - Tafelstern

Ombre - Tafelstern

Enjoy - Bauscher

Options - Bauscher

Modern Rustic - Bauscher


Coffee Pots

Sugar Bowls

Creamers and Milk Jugs

Cups and Saucers

Porcelain Mugs

Tempered glass


Coffee Glasses

Glass Mugs

Liqueur Coffee Glasses

Squashy Mugs