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Tafelstern Collections

The creative porcelain collections from Tafelstern provides culinary directors with an eclectic foundation for the refined and diversified presentation of their gastronomic masterpieces. The elegant design of each piece ensures that the presentation of fine foods takes centre stage.

Tafelstern offers a flexible modular system solution which combines creativity through a pick and mix option across its wide range of collections - a concept that offers boundless combination options.

The Tafelstern collections that Artis has selected to stock in its UK warehouse have been specifically chosen for their individual characteristics and provide a portfolio of ideal pieces for truly eyecatching table settings.

All Tafelstern porcelain is dishwasher safe, suitable for microwaves and salamanders. 

Coffee Tasting

The Gallery

Delight - Tafelstern

Avantgarde - Tafelstern

Contour - Tafelstern

Essentials - Tafelstern

Inspiration - Tafelstern

Ombre - Tafelstern

Relation Today - Tafelstern

Coffeelings - Tafelstern

Small Plates and Sharing

Buffet Collection