Copacabana Gin Goblet

Copacabana Gin Goblet

60cl 21oz 19.4h x 11d cm

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Copacabana Gin Goblet, a real show girl.

A beautiful full body which allows for a high level of aroma diffusion and bouquet enhancement, and will show off your cocktail creations as well as a traditional Gin and Tonic.

The popularity of Gin cocktails continues to soar with more and more exotic pairings of various gin varieties mixed with different tonics and a whole host of garnishes. However, these flamboyant drinks have to use the right glass and the latest “must have” glassware is the Spanish style large, balloon-shaped stemmed glass or the ‘cops de balon’.

Their shape and size allows a fuller appreciation of the flavours and aromas of any drink.



Carton Qty : 6
Carton Weight : 1.99kg
Depth (m) : 0.3300
Width (m) : 0.2290
Height (m) : 0.2000
List Price : £6.31

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