Tulip Punch Bowl with Metal Spoon

Tulip Punch Bowl with Metal Spoon

140.5oz 400cl 24.4h x 18cmd


The Tulip Punch Bowl, designed by Robert Schinkel and the winner of Libbey’s Glassology design competition.

Punch dates back to the 1600´s when British sailors travelling to the East and West created their own recipes with local spirits, mainly rum and spices and mixed them together in a bowl, known as a Punch Bowl.

Robert’s competition winning Punch Bowl design was inspired by the tulip which was highly prized and very expensive in the 1600’s. The Tulip Bowl, by Robert Schinkel, is the first winning design of the Glassology by Libbey.

“The ultimate drinking experience is not a drink that you have by yourself, but a drink that you can share with family and friends”, that is why Robert created his Tulip Bowl.

The shape of his iconic design was inspired by the tulip, which was one of the most expensive items to buy during the 1600’s. Thousands of guilders (Dutch currency) were paid for a single flower, reaching a peak in 1637 when 6000 guilders were paid for the Semper Augustus. At the time that amount of money could buy you a big mansion on the famous Amsterdam canals. So, in the era of the punch the tulip stood for all that is luxury.

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                                     Tulip Punch Bowl and Metal Spoon 16-14-101                    Tulip Tumbler 20-11-130


Carton Qty : 1
Carton Weight : 3.49kg
Depth (m) : 0.4240
Width (m) : 0.2660
Height (m) : 0.3440
List Price : £66.95

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