Birrateque IPA/White
Birrateque - Craft Beer Collection

Birrateque IPA/White

54cl 19.25oz 18.4h x 8.8d cm

The Birrateque IPA has a thin body to maintain the carbonation, as IPA beers don't have as much carbonation as other beers. The narrow corridor helps to further reinvigorate the foam and flavor.

Our Birrateque collection is:

• Made in Italy
• Made with etchings on the bottom of the glass, the Foam Control System (FSC), which help to maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head
• Created with large capacities and shapes that provide a great aromatic chamber for aeration and slowing down evaporation of the carbonation
• Created with our proprietary SON.hyx to strengthen & keep glass brilliant
• Dishwasher safe: will retain ultra-clear brilliance thru 4,000 • Lead free
• Eco-friendly

Carton Qty : 24
Carton Weight : 8.52kg
Depth (m) : 0.5900
Width (m) : 0.4020
Height (m) : 0.2150
List Price : £4.38

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