Lock-eat Terrine 8cl
Lock-eat Jars

Lock-eat Terrine 8cl

6.4h x 8.4d cm

• A Jar with a glass lid: easy to fill, easy to close, easy to open with a fully detachable lid.
• Canning safe, Airtight safe and Freezer safe.
• The Jar lids will fit all the sizes of Jar bases.  
• Perfect for single servings.
• Stackable - perfect for space saving storage.
• Microwave safe without the stainless steel clamp.
• The Jar can be washed by hand or dishwasher – made easier by the fully removable lid. 

Carton Qty : 24
Carton Weight : 4.57kg
Depth (m) : 0.3010
Width (m) : 0.3960
Height (m) : 0.1580
List Price : £4.11

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