1924 Wine/Cocktail  8.75oz 26cl

1924 Wine/Cocktail 8.75oz 26cl

8.75oz 26cl 19.8h x 9d cm


1924 – A vintage year for glass design

The new 1924 Libbey Vintage stemware range fuses jazz-age flair with exciting new cocktail trends.

With their distinctive stem, embossed footplate and original bowl design that gracefully opens out to let your lips rest on the elegant rim, in turn enhancing the taste experience, these glasses epitomize everything that makes cocktails so loved by so many: bygone-age sophistication coupled with an openness to forward-looking trends.


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the 1924 Mailer

Carton Qty : 12
Carton Weight : 2.45kg
Depth (m) : 0.2800
Width (m) : 0.3700
Height (m) : 0.2150
List Price : £4.21

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