Vertigo Dish 12cl 4.25oz

Vertigo Dish 12cl 4.25oz

Vertigo Dish 05-18-171 12cl 4.25oz 5h x 8.2dcm

3 dishes and lid can be used separately or as a Glass tower to make an appealing Amuse Bouche, Starter or a Dessert, exposing wonderful layers of delight to make glass tower you need

Vertigo lid 05-28-177 10cl 3.5oz 5h x 5.9dcm
Vertigo Dish 05-18-173 34cl 12oz 6.5h x 11.6dcm
Vertigo Dish 05-18-172 22cl 7.75oz 5.7h x 9.7dcm

Carton Qty : 6
Carton Weight : 1.32kg
Depth (m) : 0.2400
Width (m) : 0.1600
Height (m) : 0.0600
List Price : £1.95

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