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Monday, November 21, 2016

The porcelain tableware collection, ‘Delight’, launched earlier this year, has been awarded a prestigious design prize by German Design Council. Manufactured by world leader in porcelain, Tafelstern, the range is distributed exclusively in the UK by Artis.

German Design Award 2017: Special Mention

The German Design council was established on the initiative of the German Bundestag to honour products and projects that particularly stand out for the quality of their design. The one thing that award recipients have in common is that they are all pioneers within the German and international design industry.

A key feature of the Delight collection is its supreme lightness. This is down to a fascinating new material from Tafelstern called Noble China. The new collection owes its subtlety to this thin, innovative hard porcelain, manufactured entirely without lead, cadmium or animal components. It means that Delight is surprisingly resistant to chipping and glaze damage which in turn, leads to an extended service life. The bone white finish enhances the impression of discreet elegance. Its broad range of differently shaped pieces means that it will appeal to a wide cross-section of target groups in the hotel and restaurant sector.

The combination of elegance and durability is achieved through a high firing temperature of 1400ºC. This also gives Delight its extreme glaze hardness. Since it carries a 5-year professional glaze warranty, it is the perfect choice for daily use in hotels and restaurants.

Selected price points include the Special Large bowl at £15.85, the 20cm Deep Plate at £5.88 and the Two-handled Soup Cup, which has a list price of £7.17.

Delight is just one of the many new products to feature in the 2016 Artis catalogue. For your own personal hard copy call 020 8391 5544. Alternatively, the catalogue is available to download online at

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